About Us


We are a family run business: Andy, Julie, Ollie & Maisie - husband, wife, son & daughter team whose aim it is to manage this CIC business alongside our fellow Directors to encourage, support & inspire young people to make the most of their opportunities and enjoy life.

We have enjoyed all the variations that our business has brought us and we now warmly invite you to come and share our enthusiasm for farming, education and the countryside in a fun and safe environment in Spratton. 

We work very hard to make this business a unique dedicated service for our customers.   We can create a fantastic animal experience whether on our farm or at your facility. All of our animals have been pre-selected, purchased and socialised for their individual personalities and traits. 

We do not take in rescue animals as unfortunately they can be nervous and unpredictable.

Andy and Maisie


Contact Email: andy@homegrowncarefarm.co.uk
Favourite Animal: Buttercup (cow) & Sebastian (Lesser Tenrec)
Favourite Job: DIY & driving my tractor



Contact Email: julie@homegrowncarefarm.co.uk

Favourite animal: Beauty (horse) & Biscotti (Alpaca)

Favourite Job: Gardening & spending time chilling with the animals