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Farm Visits
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Whether you’re a public or a specialist school we offer a whole host of fun and interactive sessions we tailor to the needs of a group.

Chick Hatching
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Offering a full incubation service or just a short glimpse into what is involved in raising chicks. Fantastic opportunity for children to help raise the chick themselves from egg to bird.

Parties / Events
For Those Times You Just Need The Farm To Come To You

Offering both a mobile therapy and a mobile education service we can bring our animals to you when you can’t make it to us.


Care Farm

Our new Care Farm setting in Spratton, Northampton, launched earlier this year.  Our aim is to allow vulnerable people the ability to learn new skills and gain experiences in animal care, horticulture, healthy living, independence and much more. We currently use our animals to help our service user/clients prepare for employment and support individual needs. Tasks vary from raising chicks into chickens, helping to clean, look after and groom a variety of animals, experience shearing sheep, horticulture, woodwork and much more.

We wish to provide effective solutions to health and social problems and attempt to re-engage people with learning when they are at risk of exclusion, even those who’s EHCP identifies severe and profound learning difficulties including autism.


Mobilised Education

Our growing fleet now enables us to travel to more events and educational institutes than ever before.

While the farm is the best place to see the animals we wouldn’t dream of you missing out and can bring the furry surprises to you whether its for therapeutic, educational or for entertainment.


Other Services

We offer a variety of services for private and public functions. Who can forget the classic pig roasts that’s guaranteed to leave everyone feeling full. We also have partnerships for when something more exotic is needed.


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