Our New

Homegrown Care Farm

We have now opened our new Care Farm setting in Spratton with effect from Spring 2019.

We are an inclusive business where every service user/client is valued and we work very hard to help develop their skills, knowledge and positive attitudes as well as preparing them for their futures’. We recognise that they are all individuals with different strengths and weaknesses and therefore offer flexible programmes with a wide range of positive experiences to meet their needs.  Our aim is to allow vulnerable people the ability to learn new skills and gain experiences in animal care, horticulture, healthy living, independence and much more.

We currently use our animals to help our service user/clients prepare for employment and support individual needs. Tasks vary from day to day and season to season but over the course of time our they will experience a wide range of activities including collecting eggs and raising chicks into chickens, helping to clean, look after and groom a variety of animals, experience shearing sheep, horticulture, woodwork and much more. 

We wish to provide effective solutions to health and social problems and our work aims to re- engage people with learning when they are at risk of exclusion, non-attendance or poor mental health and to enhance the well-being when they are isolated or have long term illness. We cater for pupils whose Statement/ Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) identifies severe and profound learning difficulties including autism.

We are currently able to offer :-


Mobile Therapy Farm Experience

The Homegrown Care Farm can provide an animal therapy experience for SEN children and young adults by bringing a variety of friendly farm animals to you. We can cater for various sized groups by arrangement in almost any environment including schools, disability centres and care homes etc. Each individual will have the opportunity to stroke/cuddle, groom, paint and feed our animals.
These sessions are only available as half or full days.

Mobile Educational Farm Experience

For the mobile animal educational experience we are able to fulfil some important elements of the National Curriculum through fun activities all in a safe environment of your school or centre. Partnerships with other schools – Mainstream & SEN. We are currently in partnership with local schools, where we are providing the educational provision for an ASDAN Animal Care Course (16+) for service user/clients unable to integrate into mainstream education and therapy. They have a wide range of special requirements and we are really enjoying teaching them and seeing their progress both academically and socially.

We have full £10million comprehensive farm insurance both on and off our farm and all our staff have full DBS Enhancements and Photo ID. 

School partnership daily/weekly sessions are currently available for this academic year. These sessions are available on a limited contract basis.

For reservations or further information: